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C4R Permissions

C4R Permissions

We have many clients that are using and wanting to buy C4R (Collaboration For Revit). They have questions on permissions within C4R specifically. If a person has access to C4R and has two invitations to Project A and Project B. After opening their cloud model, they are able to go to "Manage Cloud Models" and see the two projects (A&B). Even having the Role set to "Project Contributor" the person is able to delete models from either project. Is there a plan to add permissions within C4R?


There need to be some level of permissions with C4R.  If anyone is invited to a project, the can delete any of the model via using the "Manage Cloud Model" within Revit.  I know the file will remain for 30 days, but this is not good enough.


There should be an "Administration" level access that control what can deleted and what can be opened.  Anyone (on the project) can open any model. This is good but not good.

Douglas Braye, Sr.
BIM Specialist & Building Application Engineer
Engineering Design Systems, Inc.




Here I strongly agree, and would like to add to that.


If you have multiple disciplines collaborating in C4R everybody in the project can open any RVT file they want. We need to be able to restrict the MEP engineer permission to open the ARC model and vise versa.



Johannes Bjarni 

Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented

This functionality has been added as part of BIM 360 Design which uses BIM 360 Document Management (Docs) to manage permissions. Check out this post for more info. Cheers!

Status changed to: Gathering Support
Status changed to: Implemented

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