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Building Volume

Building Volume

Revit has some tools to calculate area's (like Room and Area) but there's nothing about volumes. Rooms do have a volume parameter, but not usable to create, for example, the gross building volume. The easiest way, I guess, is for Areas the ability to specify a base and top level, with a base / top offset. Anyway, we need something to calculate volumes?

How about a gross volume count right next to the filter on the bottom right? A bit like Excel permanently showing the sum of all that is selected.


The Aussie BIM Guru suggested using Ceilings for this purpose in one of his (youtube) posts. While you are deliberately mis-using a category you do get schedulable entities that are easier to handle than masses (which would probably be the 'official' approach) and are easily filtered away if you name them properly. Something like "GBV_BuildingHeight" springs to mind. As ceilings are usually surrounded by walls their vertical faces look weird in some view modes.

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