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Building pads on Revit 2024

Building pads on Revit 2024

Please give us back building pad tool for calculate Cut and fill automatically.


Excellent idea, please return built pads. 


With the new update in Revit 2024, the use of the Platforms tool, which affects the individual quantification of excavations, has been discontinued. Previously, with the Platforms tool in previous versions of Revit, it was possible to automatically calculate the volume of cut or excavation and fill individually, which was useful for greater control in quantifications and construction. However, the process was cumbersome.

In image (1), an example from Revit 2023 is shown of what could be done with the Platforms tool, where volume calculations for cut and fill could be obtained automatically. However, in Revit 2024, a new update called "toposolid" was introduced for cutting or excavating, which requires the creation of an empty family or in-place geometry from the toposolid category.

As can be seen in image (2), the problem lies in the fact that the empty geometry created with the "toposolid" tool does not provide specific volume data in the cut and fill parameters (as it is an empty geometry). It only shows the total result excavations, which makes it difficult to obtain detailed information for individual excavation quantification. It would be very useful if the cut and fill parameters in the "toposolid" tool provided this data separately, as the necessary parameters are already present.

While this update is a great help for those of us working on underground projects, this detail detailed individual excavation quantification has been overlooked. It would be a valuable improvement in the next update of Revit 2024.1."TOPOGRAPHY_TOPOSOLID.png


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We will very greatfull if Autodesk includes the building pads in it's next Revit 2024 update.

It's very very important for us as frecuent users of Autodesk Revit.

  • Thank you all 

I agree, the pads were very helpful in quick modelling of the terrain.

You could just draw a shape and place it at a desired elevation, now you have to place individual points. If you have a building foundation slab that is not regular in shape it is a nightmare to create the terrain of that shape to fit it perfectly.

Cutting a topography with a void in 2024 is somewhat easy (although a much longer process than with a pad) however creating a fill is terrible - the only way is to place individual points. Again, any slightly complicated shape and it takes much longer than before.

There should be a hybrid solution, a tool that would allow you to simply create a shape for a flat part of the terrain - and then manipulate it with points if you need it.


Excellent idea, please return built pads!!

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Has anyone been able to make landfill with this version 2024? The cutting is very easy, but I haven't found a way to make landfill automatically. Please come back to the platform.

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Building pads are a HUGE necessity for Revit LT users. LT users do not have access to model-in place functions which would allow the creation of a void geometry to cut out volumes of a topo-solid. It is great that Autodesk added the new topo-solids, but now LT users have no way to properly edit these topography geometries. LT users NEED building pads to accommodate quick and easy use of topo-solids. Please add the building pad function back in the next Revit LT 2024 update.


I'd second @joey46VLB 's comment above noting that the lack of building pads is a real problem for Revit LT users - who lack the  model-in-place functions.  Whether it's a return of buildings pads (which I never found to be great) or some clever new tool, us Revit LT plebs need a user-friendly way to control the ground level below our buildings.


In general, I think toposolds are an improvement but it's a two steps forward, one step back situation where a key functionality has been lost along the way.

Status changed to: Accepted

Congrats! We think this is a great idea, so we've decided to add it to our roadmap. Thanks for the suggestion!


To follow the progress of features in development, please see the Revit Public Roadmap and join the Revit Preview Release to participate in feature testing. (Note that Accepted Ideas may not be immediately available.)


The Factory


Please give us back building pad tool for calculate Cut and fill automatically.

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The new topography tool is horrible, please bring back the platforms! That was an excellent tool, removing it was an incredible bad decision.

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I don't know why Autodesk omitted Building Pad and its valuable features!! I can't understand this decision!!!! 


Yes, bring building pads back. I need to be able to EASILY calculate cut, fill, and net cut/fill like before


Bring back building pads we can't all justify the full revit version is this a way of making light less user friendly


yes pleas, we want building pads back!


The cut and fill calculations were wildly inaccurate and could not be trusted. I honestly, don't understand the advantage of pads over the toposolid method. I personally like the new method better.


I noticed on the roadmap that you are planning on adding a floor cut feature to the toposolid, but there is no mention of a fill feature for building pads. I use the full feature much more than the cut feature. Please bring back the fill feature as well so we can place a building pad above the topo and it will work correctly. 


Man, this is a stupid revision - to remove pads. Bring pads back, asap, please. Will work in a version back because of this for now.


This is clearly Autodesk pushing LT users to go full. I have no clue how to work with topography efficiently without pads anymore.


@cmilton - this post has been edited due to Community Rules & Etiquette violation.



What is wrong with this company?




Do nothing else until you fix the text editor.


1. Do not remove another useful tool.

2. Do not add another useless feature.

3. Do not unnecessarily complicate a previously simple and effective tool or process for no reason.


You have completely destroyed AutoCAD by making it so ridiculously cumbersome to use.


So, if you just can't help yourselves. If you absolutely must continue making Revit more and more complicated with each release until you ruin it as well, at least make it backwards compatible, so those of us who want to use it when it was useful can do so.


Then you can keep justifying your work by messing it up for each future release.



A very, very angry customer.


PS. Please let me know where I can invoice you for the hours of productivity I lose with every release trying to figure out how to do things I could do the day before but no longer can due to your thoughtful "improvements".

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