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BUG - Parameter value derived from pasted object, even if formula driven

BUG - Parameter value derived from pasted object, even if formula driven

When copying a nested family from one family to another, where a parameter is linked to a shared parameter will force the family into which it is pasted to get the value of the pasted object. Even when the value is driven by a formula and there are other nested families using the same parameter. The result is a locked value that is not equal to the value from the formula driving it.Revit-2022.01.25-121.pngRevit-2022.01.25-119.png


Looks normal. 1 = 0 is a formula to lock the value, so it works as intended.


@ToanDN , yes indeed, but that formula locks it to un-ticked! There should be no way to set it to ticked with that formula there, so this bug is a way to break families.


I ran into a similar issue just yesterday in a family I was working on. I had two parameters (equal to 4' at the time) that I subtracted in the formula of another parameter for a dimension (=4'-4'). The dim I made was 10" and when I applied the parameter to it, the parameter became equal to 10" instead of 0" even though it was formula driven. I couldn't fix it by removing and re-adding the formula, but it ended up getting fixed when I changed one of the other parameters to another number and continued to work when I changed it back to 4'. No idea how to replicate it, but it was just a dim between a ref plane and an imported dwg.


Hi, @MichaelWarwick7522 ,


Was this posted on the Revit forums? If not, I can move it there for support.



Hi @kimberly.fuhrman


Thanks for your prompt response, this ideas forum usefulness is a 1000 times better since Autodesk engaged with you.


No, I have not posted to the forums. I don't need support - this is a bug, so code has to change, so more appropriate to the ideas forum, with open source software this sort of feedback would go into the issues tracker, but a public one of those is not available for Revit. I have tested it creating the problem from scratch (i.e. OOTB family templates), and with 2019 and 2021 and it is the same, so it is not corruption in my file.


@MichaelWarwick7522 ,

Thank you for your kind words!


The support team is exactly who needs to see this "bug report" (the forums support is not the same as sales/support), and this will actually get more appropriate attention from our teams on the forum. I will put you touch directly with our team and file a report on your behalf. Can you give me more information on the Revit build that you are using? Is this happening all the time? Multiple families? (I know this probably seems obvious, but the team will ask and I don't want to assume!)


Thank you for the additional information!


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