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Break Level Line

Break Level Line

I would like my level line to be broken as we sometimes want the level indicator to appear on both sides of a building elevation or other views, but don't want the line to cut through the building or section.


This can be done with section marker lines and grid lines.  Please bring the functionality over to the level line!


This is not something that happens a lot, but I would hope you can see the benefit of having this option!


A previous idea on this subject was archived so I am going to try again and hope that we can get this!  Thank you.


Hi Revit,


It would be great if you had the option to split an elevation line to display a level head on either side of a building elevation without the line going through the entire elevation. It would really allow me to clean up my elevations, while still effectively showing the levels.

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Hi @Gmorrell47 ,


You mean a "center gap" like the ones in Grids. Split sounds like the "split segment" for section views-



This idea already exists: 


I do agree with @samuelsanf though.  I used the term "break" in my idea, but he is correct, we really should be referring to this as a "center gap". 


@sasha.crottycould you merge these two ideas?  Thank you!

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