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BIM360 Sync Order

BIM360 Sync Order

When syncing large cloud-shared Revit models with many users (10+), it is possible to get stuck in a sync loop. In nightmare scenarios, users repeat Reload latest for 45+ minutes. Here is an example of a user on an x8 sync attempt.




Adding to this problem, BIM360 syncing doesn't seem to respect who pressed sync first. We believe Reload latest is a race to the finish- and the first user done gets to Save to central. Unfortunately, if a user hasn't synced in awhile, their Reload latest takes longer. Because of this, they get booted to the back of the line multiple times as other team members pass them by. The bigger the team, the bigger the problem.


My idea is to introduce a sync order that is initiated after Save to local but before Reload latest. Hopefully this will reduce or eliminate the possibility of a sync-loop.




I have the same issue on my BIM360 project. We've had synchronize times up to 3 hours because of the que.

Currently on try 12. 

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Autodesk please help with this as syncing can take up much needed time. It also does not help much for collaboration when working in a different offices. A queuing system will help tremendously.


Is there an update to this? This is really slowing my team of 40 down.


sync failed.jpg


We've been having this problem on a well managed model with only 6 people for weeks. Reload latest is consistently taking +45mins-1hr, even if users sync sequentially. Our Design Tech team can't figure it out, neither can our Autodesk support staff. So stumped and extremely frustrated... burning so much fee for nothing.


Revit - so smart, it's actually stupid.


agree, this is holding everyone up on all the projects I run - please sort ASAP

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