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Better navigation in 3D (perspective)

Better navigation in 3D (perspective)

The addition of a perspective view mode in Revit 2019 is a great step. Unfortunately the navigation tools don't seem to have been updated to work with perspective. Zooming seems to work fine but panning and orbit are very awkward and unpredictable. For now, I gave up on it and moved back to ortho. Please improve these tools so we can really start to use perspective!



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I will support this, but will also add it does work well once you get used to it.  I find selecting an object prior to moving helps a lot.  And also keeping a clean model (remove stuff sitting out in space)

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@Anonymousare you talking about navigation in perspective? Orbit in orthographic works fine when selecting objects, but trying to orbit in the new perspective mode in R2019 is really hard. You always have to find something to rotate around.

Dan Stine has an article about some of the details on his blog:

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@Anonymous  Yes, Im refering to the perspective functions upgraded in 2019.  Having somthing to rotate around is not unique to this tool nor is it unique to Revit.  Revizto / Rhino / Sketchup.... all perform more consistantly in a perspective view when selecting an object first (of which your view will then rotate around)  This is often compounded in large revit models that are not clean (things off in space) because the center of geometry is somewhere in space (not in the center of the builidng)   



But what do you do when there's nothing to select?


- I want to turn around in an empty room/hallway

- The building might be in early massing stage: no small elements to select to set your center (only walls/floors that extend over multiple rooms)

- I might have temporarily hidden small things like furniture etc to speed up the view


Me view on this: orbit around selection is a helpful feature if you want to look at that particular object, but it is not a good system for overall navigation.


The examples you mention (sketchup in particular) all have a different algorithm to set the center of orbit when you don't have an active selection.




Also, if I'm not mistaken Sketchup does not rely on the active selection for its orbit, but merely on where the mouse is pointing. 


I've trained people in both programs, and the Sketchup navigation seems to be picked up far more quickly. Most people get around relatively efficiently after a few hours of practice, where in Revit I see users with multiple years of experience still struggling. 




With Revit 2019.1 navigation seems much better in perspective views, don´t you think?


I feel it actually got worse for interior navigation.


- Orbit is not around mouse location but on where you last zoomed (that's just weird)

- Panning increments seem to be randomly set, often way too small/big (panning increment should be based on where your mouse is)

- On top of that the vertical orbit is now way too sensitive. I end up in the ceiling half of the time when I'm navigating inside.


On top of that, changing from ortho to perspective and back causes all kind of issues


* Field of view is very distorted

* Lineweights and patterns blow up because the scale changes randomly

* View gets titled to the right of left

* Elements become invisible

* Zoom to fit goes out way too far or looks at the model from the bottom



I'd say there's definitely more room for improvements 🙂



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I am in total agreeance that the rotation / orbit functions in R19 perspective are POOR!! i like Enscapes navigation (standard gaming controls). What the use is generating this mode if the is no intuitive navigation...mabe R2020 😉

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I need a walktrough revolving a mass. apparently a basic command as such is not possible right now, 

and manually revolving a lot of cameras does not create the wanted effect.


hope  a change like that can be embeded quickly as it a time wasters going to other softwares for that. 



I think orbiting around where ever the mouse is pointing at when nothing is selected would be good. And panning speed should be relational to how close is the object your mouse is pointing at is. Also the standard gaming navigation controls when walking/flying in the model would be great.


Personally I would like to work in perspective especially for interior spaces, but due to the current navigation problems this can't be done efficiently. I'd love to see this fixed. 


@Anonymous maybe on a small house model where you select an object first it works somewhat better, but it is likely the majority of Revit projects are large multistory projects with a fair amount of complexity. Selecting an object can help, but often only slightly, and it is still very easy to be shot off through walls. And I just completely disagree that it "gets better once you get used to it." It is unpredictable, over/under sensitive, and the graphic quality is hot garbage.


Then try to edit something and it is a whole new story - wanna edit a soffit, sorry, the shape of the soffit is shown on the level it is hosted to - change your view - now you are through the floor. Forget to select something before rotating, now you are a mile outside the building. For the price of this software, this should not be an issue. AC has had this for YEARS. 

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The fly mode is helping but the basic navigation like orbit and pan are not working as in other programs (even autodesk programs). Should be more intuitive like formit.

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Hi, I'd like to recommend updating the 3D orbiting tools for Revit and most other AutoDesk applications similar to Revit. I would like to be able to drag and connect the rotation point to a vertice, a point on a point cloud, etc. Additional to that, I would like to be able to hold a button down to finely rotate around the rotation point. The orbiting tools in Leica Cyclone Core are the best I've used and should be set as the standard.
Even if the orbiting tool in Navisworks is used in Revit that would be a big improvement.

Thanks all!

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I'm finding the 3D controls kinda weak. They're better than I thought they were but there seem to be important details missing. In particular, panning is always the same speed and doesn't consider distance from objects. In SketchUp the pan slows down when I zoom into something, I'm assuming because the program understands where the cursor is in relation to visible objects.

Right now it's awkward to use. It's not the worst, but it's 2024 and this should have been a non-issue a decade ago.





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