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beams in Revit floor plan views

beams in Revit floor plan views

We realy need to see beams in floor plan views. And we need more than a workaround.


I don't wanna know how old this problem is. But since 2015 you have an official articles in your knowledgebase.



We use the workaround mentioned in your article but if we use it we are not able to annotate the beam with the dimensions "Elevation at top" and elevation at Bottom" because with the invisible line the bottom is not the real beam bottom.






WTF you mention the invisibel trick in your article and the trick is from

Thursday, January 17, 2008????? Can't belive we'r still working with this. 😞



How does this idea not have more votes?

It is a problem which often resurfaces on forums.


Yes, this idea should have more votes.


Regarding the bottom elevation, I use Dynamo script to extract the bounding box of beams and then read lowest Z values then write it in a user-defined parameter.



We use our own parameter and came up with this:



Now you just need to read the "Höhe oben" (hight on top / its correct) and write it to the "vag_traeger_OKUZ". Thanks to dynamo we don't need to do that by hand anymore 😄




Some time ago we thougt of another way to show beams. Use Archicad... just kidding ;). Ok we just skip the step with the symbolic line because if you cross alot of beams you always have to manuly hide the lines and draw correkt lines. The symbolic lines don't want to join correctly.

Bild 1.jpg


So if you don't draw the lines and then show the beam in the floor plan you can just overwrite the style for beams. Now i looks alot better. You just have to manuly overwrite the beams you want to see as topview. Sorry don't know the correct words for it in english.




But we still don't use this method because sometimes the beams are not showing at all if you cross beams or join them. The only thing still visibil is the dummyline 🙂


Still waiting for respons....we have an open tick at autodes support.





Ok i got a respons....


I don't really understand why it is programmed like this but it depends on the detail level and the beams need to be joind/ crossed. It doesn't happen if they are alone. *confused*


I draw all the beams in coarse but if you switch to medium or fine its gone.




So bye bye new easy workaround for beams in floorplan. Hello to the old chunky way.


This costs us so mutch time.




So let me show you some other things that makes us waste time with this workaround.


Sorry, i don't know if my terms are corret.


Simple and realy not uncommen thing, we have a floor beam and an upstand beam. Looks like this:



So lets take a look at second floor plan:


Both are dashed lines because of the trick from 2008. So i could modify my familie and make tow types of lines or i could manuly override the element.


Lets take a look at the first floor plan.


The upstand beam form the second floor is visibil because of the dummyline from that beam. So i could manuly hide the beam or change the length of the dummyline.


Klick and more klicks for such a simple thing. Now imagin a upstand beam under a cavity floor. Its not visibil in the floor plan view. So i need to build another familie for upstand beams with a dummyline upwards. But then my parameters for beam height and width are not working anymore and i need another way to handel that.


This is ridiculous.



One way could be to tell the beam be visibil in these specific levels and look like this in that level. So i need to do this one time and every view on the specific level is correct.



Sorry for missspelling.


I don't get it. Are there no architects around in this forum? Why are there not more votes. Can't beleive no one is needing this option. The Workaround is so **** stupid.


Please add regualr options to show beams in floorplan views. This is like a basic feature in other programms.


My idea is from 2016. Now we have 2018! Come on. There are other idea threads like this.



The internet is full of threads like this.


My idea. Dropdown menu on selected beam and there you can mark in witch level it should be visivibil with specific line type. A more automated version could be to define the levels in the project that are real floor plans and then every beam between these levels are shown in the floorplan beneath.






your are right. this needs top priority. guess people are tired mentioning things like this.

btw there are more things not making sense working with floor and ceiling plans in MEP! why do i always see the ducts above in the floor plan if i am in MEP view modus? I like to see them in the ceiling plan, not floor plan!

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Das ist unglaublich....
That is unbeliveable. 2022 and still no solution for this? This bloody Software ist expansive as hell, but oh no, we still can't decide freely which Object or Family will be shown in wich Plan or Views... I mean in Germany there is a law (DIN 1356-1 „Bauzeichnungen") "Building-Plans" from 1995 which difines this. 

I mean it could be so easy... make all Beams visible in all views. Than give us the option to define two differnt projection-typs: One Typ for the top view and the other for the bottom view .  And let us decide, wich object/family is shown  in wich way...


@schlueter How do you make sure everybody at your practice is to run a dynamo script before proceeding or exporting to pdf? I found that even scripts running within the dynamo player environment tend to get neglected. Even scripts that have their own button on the ribbon are not used routinely.


@MichaelWolffWe don't use the script anymore. Luckily we found out that we can use system parameters from Revit that are onyl visibil placed in the model.


If the beam is placed in the model you can see tow parameters "Höhe Oben" and "Höhe unten". Guess its hight above and hight under. Don't know the korrect english parameters.


So we know because of the workaround with that silly dummy line we can't use the hight under but we can use hight above and make a little calculation.






That calculation is done in the label. It looks like this:







1 = z-parameter of the beam

2 = hight above that is not affected by the dummy line and only shown if placed in the model.

3 = our beam hight paramter


That works realy well. Don't remember with wich version of Revit but atm we still use 2020 and i know it works in 2021 as well.


@MichaelWolffHope you understand our soulution.

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