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Beam System: "Centered Space" Justification option

Beam System: "Centered Space" Justification option

The current "Center" Justification option puts a Joist centered in the Beam System. This sometimes results in Joists placed less than half of the spacing from the edges (i.e. one more Joist than is needed):

Beam System - Centered Space Justification (proposed) 2.png

This is a repost of an archived idea (see that idea for a more extensive description and our six-step workaround, as well as other unacceptable workarounds). Also, this idea is actually just a "simplified workaround" for the main issue: Beam System: "Minimize Number" Layout Rule.


If this option were to be implemented (instead of the more comprehensive one linked to above), it would also need to check for a condition (when geometry changes, or even upon initial creation) where the "space" is bigger than the width of the Beam System (and therefore no Framing member would be created. The proper response should be some kind of Warning stating "'Centered Space' Justification changed to 'Center' for Beam System ID _." (along with the actual change to the Beam System property). Implementation of the main idea would require the same check (and change), but without the notice to the user.

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