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Be able to make folder shortcuts in the Revit explorer

Be able to make folder shortcuts in the Revit explorer

When in Revit using the Open option, it should be possible to add shortcuts to the lefthand side column. The favorites, quick acces bar. Shortcuts like the WIP folder of the project for the user.
Or, for newer Revit versions, on Revit Home to add favorites instead of everytime going through all the folders to the working folder.







@Haowen.Lin  You can already do this. With the open dialog opened, navigate to the folder you need and, at the bottom left of the window there's a button called "Tools". Clicking on it shows two options, select the first one: Add current folder to places.

This will add a shortcut to the current folder in the left pane of the window (it should add it at the top).


Also, what we've been doing at our firm is create a folder on the server with links to all the current projets. Theses links are pointing to the folder with the Revit project file for each project. Then in Revit we did the "Add current folder to places" using that folder. Now all of our users have a single place to go to in order to have access to all of our projects.


You can Also just drag/drop folders into the left hand bar.


@O.Manningham and @rookio, thanks for the info, but unfortunately that is not possible with BIM360 (project)folders via the Desktop Connector. The options under Tools is greyed out and Drag&Drop doesn't work.


Also for Revit 2020 and 2021 you have to use the Revit Home to navigate through the projectfolders and shortcuts are not possbile in here.


Should have mentioned BIM 360, Desktop Connector and Revit versions in the OP.

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