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Batch Flip Hands and Facing for Windows and Doors

Batch Flip Hands and Facing for Windows and Doors

Currently, Revit allows for multiple doors (or windows) to be selected and the right-click menu offers the option to "Flip Hand" or "Flip Facing". However, only the last one that was selected gets flipped (even though you may have multiple ones selected.) 


Please fix this! or grey out the feature if it won't work!  


Select all the doors (or other flippable elements) you need to then press space... (you might have to double press space).


@Kevin.Bell , Thank you. I am aware of using scape bar. My point is that if these is a feature listed on the menu, it should either work properly or don't be an option. Your suggestion, while it works, it undermines the point I am trying to make to help Revit work better! 

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