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Automatic highlight of selected items in Project Browser

Automatic highlight of selected items in Project Browser

Automatic highlight of selected items is absolutely necessary. When i select a viewport in a sheet i need Revit to highlight it in the Project Browser. It is difficult to eyeball what view i select in a sheet when i'm having dozens of views on that sheet. And vice-versa too: when i select a view in the Project Browser i need Revit to open the corresponding sheet and highlight that particular/selected view.

P.S.It is frustrating and time-consuming to guess/find out what i select and where-is-located in the Project Browser and in a sheet. Especially when the drawings are created by other various people, having different composition styles.


Please make this an option rather than forced! I do not want this feature!


If you are not already aware: right click a view in the project browser and select "Open Sheet" to go straight to the sheet the view is placed on.


@CFNBen: Of course this should be an option. Everybody should have the opportunity to make a project at their own pace.

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I have the same problem. I need to be able to select an element in perspective and at the same time its 3D view in project browser get highlighted.  Is there this possibilty in Revit?

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