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Autodesk Viewer - Revit Parameter Editing Capability

Autodesk Viewer - Revit Parameter Editing Capability

For inexperienced Revit users, it would be great if they could interact with parametric Revit projects and families through Autodesk Viewer. Currently, the parameters are available to display but cannot be edited. I could imagine this workflow looking very similar to Project Fractal's ability to access Dynamo input parameters.

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Autodesk Viewer is just a viewer. No editing possible. Hence the name: Viewer.

Project Fractal is just a project. Not an official Autodesk Product. It's only a proof-of-concept. It may be integrated in future Autodesk products, or not.

Project Fractal is like a Dynamo for lazy people. Fractal may have multiple implementations under different names in several products. Fractal is a Technology Demonstrator, like many other Projects before it.

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