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Assigning different parameter groups into Revit Family Subcategories

Assigning different parameter groups into Revit Family Subcategories

Just a little bit background here. Our team have identified the use of Massing approach/method to create 3D Strata Lot Models in Revit. We are planning to use this similar approach across for different types of lot models (eg. accessory lot, airspace lot, subterranean lot etc)


We have different required parameters’ attributes for our different lot models(strata lot/accessory lot/common property lot).


The setup would be for example as below under the Massing Family:

Strata lot

  • Parameter A
  • Parameter B
  • Parameter C

Accessory lot

  • Parameter A
  • Parameter D
  • Parameter E

As currently understand that this is a Revit limitation, our team would like to suggest the potential idea to feature it in Revit in future version updates. The idea of having different customisable groups of shared parameters assigned to these different subcategory types under a specific family. Which in this context, applies to Massing.


In our context, the different lot models have different requirements, therefore some parameters are not relevant in a lot type while other parameters are relevant in another lot type.




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