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Assigning an Image to the Shared Parameter Type Image

Assigning an Image to the Shared Parameter Type Image

There is a possibility to creat a shared parameter image type. Expectation is, that the parameter displays the image assigned to it, but the result is the assigned image's name in Text form and not the image itself.


An example could be the Image-type shared parameter, which has been linked in the project information as a contractor logo, and used as a lable in title block, doesn't provide the logo but the name of the allocated image.



Screenshot 2023-02-05 232513.jpg







Screenshot 2023-02-05 232740.jpg





Screenshot 2023-02-05 233408.jpg


Good morning all!


I am working on some improvements to my firms title blocks. It would be great if we could insert "image frames" within a project, where the frame is driven by an image parameter. The primary use for this I can think of is quickly modifying title blocks to include any client, contractor, or consultant logos without having to manually edit the title block for each project, but I'm sure it would have other utility as well. Images can already be somewhat smart, as an imported image can have its dimensions driven by parameters, but this seems to have little use since images have to be inserted on a case-by-case basis anyway. Now if the "frame" had these dimensions, and could automatically resize an image placed in that frame, we'd be in business.


With this in place, one could set standard "Client Logo", "Contractor Logo", etc in the image parameters in the project parameters (these parameters could already be in place in the firms template), and attach these images as other project info is being input.


I apologize if there is something like this already posted, or if it is already possible, but I couldn't find anything!


This would be great. On our server we have hundreds of client logos saved and to be able to quickly swap out the path for which one we want using a parameter in our titleblock would be great.


The frame idea is also good as then you could essentially create a maximum value in both directions and not having to use some complicated formula for the width and height to try and accomplish this.

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