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Assign Scheduling Parameters to Object Style Subcategories

Assign Scheduling Parameters to Object Style Subcategories

Some categories, such as mechanical equipment, specialty equipment, furnishings, etc. can have a large number of different type elements (such as pumps, air handling units, fans, blowers, tanks, medical furnishings, interior light, exterior lighting, curtain wall doors, curtain wall windows, electrical variable frequency drives, power panels, switchboards, etc.), we need the capability to add parameters to an object style subcategory. This will filter what the user sees when selecting an item, and reviewing the parameters in the properties palette.


Here are some examples of different subcategories. In a typical project, each one of these subcategories will have unique shared parameters, but when added to the project, will show up on EVERY instance property of mechanical equipment:




This or just more major categories from the factory would improve things.  I don't know why this would be such a big development issue.  We don't even have a category for Elevators, yet there's Nurse Call Devices and Roads.  You mention all excellent candidates for major categories.

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