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Assign a Default Project Phase for New Views, Schedules, etc.

Assign a Default Project Phase for New Views, Schedules, etc.

We need to be able to specify what project phase should be used as the default when creating new views, schedules, etc. Here is the reason.


When working with MEP consultants that actually use systems to do circuiting or system calcs, the MEP consultants need to have all elements in a single model (per discipline) because they cannot make connections to elements in linked models. However, when the architect has split the building into two models, one for the core & shell package, and the other for the interiors (or tenant improvement) package, this will create an issue with project phase mapping. The MEP consultants with their single models will need 3 phases: Existing, Core & Shell, and Interiors. The architectural models can get by with only two phases: Existing and New Construction.


For MEP models to get the correct display of the core & shell architectural elements in the interior phase, there needs to be the same number of project phases in each model to get phase mapping correct. This means that the architectural core & shell model needs a Future (or Interiors) phase. No elements need to placed in the phase, it just needs to exist so the phase mapping can be applied. However, this Future phase is now the phase used when creating new views or schedules.


Please allow us to specify that the New Construction phase is to be used when creating new views, etc. instead of just the last project phase in the model.


Note, in my graphic of the phase mapping, that the architectural core & shell model (alone) will have issues when creating new views or schedules because the latest phase is Future. 


Great idea, Bob.

We've added a "Future" Phase to our Template, so now EVERY schedule we create defaults to Future instead of New


I would also add, that ideally, this default setting would be per-user. This is because different folks in the model could be working on a specific phase and not just the same phase for everyone. But, at the very least, setting a default phase for the entire model would be very helpful.


@r.robert.bell You can already set the phase (or any other parameters) for new views.
What I've been doing at our firm is setting up a View template for new views but not make that view dependent (linked) to the template. Meaning, it will act as if you are "applying" the template properties to a view.

To set this up, you need to "edit the type" of the view. The easiest way to set it up, is simply click once on a view in the project browser, then in the property palette select "Edit Type".  There, you will be able to select a template for new views of that category (Floor plan, Section, etc..).


By the way, it is also possible to create new types of views, and assign different view templates to theses.

For example you could create for Floor plan: Existing, Demolition, Phase 1, Phase 2, etc... or anything else really.


This trick also works with schedules too.


@O.Manningham, view templates, while being a post-issue resolution, introduce a lot of overhead to get working as desired. This would have a negative impact on getting the clients/consultants to add the required phase because it won't be a 5-second edit to their project.


Also, the approach doesn't work with schedules because view templates for schedules do not include Phase, they only include Phase Filter.

View Template > View Properties simply need a "Phase" setting next to the Phase Filter that can be "Included" or left unchecked. MEP engineers need it desperately.
A phase setting in view templates is not enough. Schedules might not have a view template assigned by default, and therefore the default phase for a new schedule should be specified somewhere than just view templates.

Just got nailed by this again.

One of my users created several new Schedules & didn't understand why things weren't showing up.


*bumping too*


It could be as simple as a checkbox in the Phases menu "set as default for new views"

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