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Assembly/Spool creation with Fabrication parts in Revit

Assembly/Spool creation with Fabrication parts in Revit

Hello everyone!

Landed here from Autodesk Support to share a couple of ideas about the workflow of Fabrication parts in Revit.

1. While exporting fabrication parts as MAJ to Fabrication CADmep, the Revit assembly name should be mapped to the Spool name field in the fabrication CADmep.




2. While using the "Revit Extension for Fabrication" to generate a custom report (item worksheet), our choices are limited to using only the fields which are essentially Fabrication database properties e.g. Item Dimensions, Connectors etc.

Could we enhance the add-in so that it supports Revit parameters as well such as Assembly Name, Comments, Mark etc?


Fabrication rev.png


Let us know if there is a workaround for these problems.

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Any fixes for this?

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