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Arrayed Items with position number

Arrayed Items with position number

It would be nice if Arrays were not made by grouping objects, but by turning the entire array into its own category, i.e. the array is the host for the arrayed item. In doing so you could have built in parameters that get generated such as count, spacing, and even provide a way to reference a specific item within the array and assign a value based on that.


Example of a new function might be: Index(Array Name).

You could then use this in an instance parameter within the hosted element.

Example would be: Size = Index(Array Name) * 5, which would multiply the index position of the element by 5 making the size of the elements go through 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc... 


This would be extremely helpful for family creation in revit.



A fine idea -- I imagine it could work like a Repeating Component Detail, where you can easily edit the type for spacing / number formulas / angles, etc. after creating the array.


I would just be happy for families to be able to know what position in the array they are.  Possibly with some type of system shared parameter.  If it exists in the family, then Revit would update the element number when arrayed.


Should not be too much of a fuss since structural columns already do know which grid intersection they are next to. As a work around you might consider setting up a special grid that is only visible when editing their group and keeping whatever you want arranged to be struct columns for now.

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