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API - Pick Walls for Area Boundary Lines with Area Rules applied

API - Pick Walls for Area Boundary Lines with Area Rules applied

It's currently possible to create Area Boundary Lines with the API, but the lines created do not relate to Walls, nor do they follow Area Rules.


It would be helpful if we could use the API (Dynamo) to do this instead of manually clicking each wall in our project.

Inputs: Wall Elements, Area Scheme, Apply Area Rules (Y/N)


The area rules should be applied not only when creating new area boundary lines, but also when copying thru the API.  For example, create a new area scheme, copy the area boundaries from another scheme to the same level of the new scheme, and the lines should be 'hosted' to the walls.


That hasn't been my experience, through Dynamo at least. Are there new nodes that allow this behavior?


I'm making a suggestion to the API team that is similar to this topic.

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