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Another way to set out a Curtain wall

Another way to set out a Curtain wall

I'd love a way to fix the set out point of a curtain wall, not beginning, end or centre, which change the setout based on the extents. Often we'll have the façade set out on a grid, and if a wall tweaks slightly, having to check the offsets is a painful process that someone needs to check. It would mean we can have a type based Curtain Wall Grid that is set out on the Building's Grid. (If I'm being honest with myself, being able to set the horizontal grid out to something like a level would also be great.)


This would mean that the extents of the wall slightly wouldn't affect the setting out of the curtain wall grid, when you have your façade set out on grid. 


That is all. 


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Another possible variation on this would be to have a setting out line for grid 1 and grid 2 that can be moved and pinned (eg to a gridline, level, wall edge, etc).

We could still have the options for these to be centred, at one or other edge of the curtain wall opening, or "other" with "other" freeing them up to be moved and pinned as above.

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