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Annotation tag leaders invisible (including room tags!)

Annotation tag leaders invisible (including room tags!)

It would be great, if we could select the line type for leaders as a type parameter in tag families, including the option "invisible line". We often have plan views, where we want to place room tags outside the building and not have all the room tag leaders visible.


For other tags, you can just uncheck the leader, so it seems that this idea only applies to Room Tags. BTW, why do you want to turn off the Leader - are you replacing it with something else for more control?

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You are correct, this only applies to room tags. My description of the problem was not precise.

No, I don't want to replace the leader - I just want a room tag outside the room with no leader at all. In situations where we have lots of small rooms we usually place room tags outside the building in order to keep the floor plan clear. In that case, leaders overlap and intersect and create chaos. If the room tags are positioned in the same way the rooms are, this is way more clear without leaders.

Just like you mentioned: This is possible with any other kind of tag, so why would it be different in this case?


This would solve a lot of headache for me also if "invisible line" was an options in "Space tags". 
I use space tag to tag air flows in the spaces, in VAV systems i pull both the installed max airflow and the minimum airflow in each room. 

I often need to have this information outside rooms not to clutter the drawings. One alternative is to use a schedule outside the drawing but this often takes to much space so this options is often not an option. 

Tags in Revit is overall very limited. This is the biggest problem for me.

It's a good idea and I miss it too. I get the leaders in white color but it is not ideal.



I would also appreciate this option.


This would be great. I really dislike the addition of the automatic leader line, and though I see why it can be helpful an option to turn it on or off would be so much better without changing the location of the tag. 

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