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Annotation-Only Mode

Annotation-Only Mode

I would like to submit for consideration an "annotation-only" mode for Revit.


Simply, you would click a button in the annotation tab, and you would enter a screen similar to that for crop region where the floor plan is greyed out and inaccessible. In this view, you can annotate as usual using all the Revit commands. The benefit of this "annotation-only" mode is that you could select and delete annotations without affecting the underlying geometry of Revit. This would give allow users to annotate views in a single maneuver without fear of destroying any geometries. 


In the properties of any non 3D view you can change the value of Display Model to be half toned.  This accomplishes the graying out of the model but doesn't help for the non selection side of things


Thanks, BDMackey. You're absolutely correct and this is 50% of the solution already sorted! It would be great to have the ability to non-select things though or just freeze them out during the annotation stage, similar to the way this works during 'sketch mode'.


A bit late to be adding here but the PyRevit addin has a Pick option which will allow a user to not get model components or the inverse not select detail elements.


Hello colleagues, annotation-Only Mode would be very useful, like in Acad where you can lock/freeze layers.
An alternative would be pin the model elements and then disable the selection of pinned elements, the only problem is that you would want to un-pin the model elements after you finish with detail items.


BDMackey indeed Pyrevit is helpful in this, however, you can't lock this permanently, it would be nice if there was a way to lock this function instead of typing it each time.

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