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Allowing Text to have Subcategory

Allowing Text to have Subcategory

I've created some detail items and generic annotations for some elements that we use in our construction drawings - for example extractor fans, smoke detectors etc. The different categories have different subcategories attached, e.g.  Fire Strategy, so that if I want to show non-Fire Strategy drawings I can hide the subcategory in the visibility options. For both methods I have the same issue - the text notes can not be assigned a subcategory and will remain visible when the subcat of the main annotation is turned off.


I have a workaround where I select the family and click 'select all instances in view' then hide elements. This isn't very intuitive however, and I it would be good if subcats could be available for text, or maybe a new text element added called 'annotation text', which could scale automatically when the view scale changes.


In families most elements can be assigned to a subcategory.

Can it be made possible that text notes and labels can be assigned to a subcategory as well?

Can somebody solve this issue? I need to be able to assign subcategory to generic annotation text & labels.


Reginald - were you able to make any progress on this? I am trying to do the same thing. thx. herman


Useful idea.
ie. If you were to use a .dwg for whatever reason in a detail item instead of inserting directly into project, its layers are not imported into the project with the family and there is no option to show according to family visibility graphics for example. And if you explode a drawing it moves the linework to subcategories, these also have visibility options. But not the (dimension) texts. Would be useful to have some more visibility control there. Moving those to generic annotation labels ie. to add visibility parameters is not doable.

workaround in my situation: In above situation you could explode the dwg to move linework to subcategories and import the .dwg a second time for dimension lines and text to add a visibility parameter and/or detail level visibility settings. Manually remove all other layers there through query, depending on how many you have.


Anyone have any updates to solve the problem? Pieter??


Yes please!  I want an annotation label to show AFF, but not on all plans.  I can turn off the AFF text on the plans I want it off on if i had a subcategory for it. 


Autodesk please add this feature!


please add this feature so I can solve my problem



The alternative to a Text Notes subcategory that I use is to create a duplicate Text Style with a suitable name for ease of selecting and then "Override Graphics in View" (By Element....) via the right-click cursor menu.

I think subcategories to system families like fonts may create extra work in maintaining text properties in tags and other parameters.




A work around of creating a subcategory to draw (like old Roman Single style days in AuotCAD) linework is the only automatic work around I have found, but the text gets flipped and doesn't keep its orientation to the view. Being able to assign TEXT and, for that matter Filled regions to a subcategory under generic annotations would be good.


Better would be have generic annotations and details used for embedded symbols INHERIT VISIBILITY from the HOST family. I.e. The SECURITY DEVICES object is hidden in view, so are all the generic annotations embedded within the SECURITY DEVICES family. Alternative solution to assigning text as subcategory. 




If this is done, support is needed for:
- texts
- labels
- filled regions


This is fundamental to control the export to dwg (fill regions and text alike)!!! It's 2024 and still this basic functionality is missing!


Please add this feature and the support for texts, labels and filled regions would be needed as mentioned above

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