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Allow Toposolid subdivisions to use Toposolid Types (rather than just materials)

Allow Toposolid subdivisions to use Toposolid Types (rather than just materials)

Toposolid Sub-Divisions should draw from the same pool of types as toposolids do.


The introduction of toposolids in Revit 2024 is certainly a huge step forward for Revit's site modelling tools - however for those of us collaborating with Civil Engineers or using Civil 3D for some surface modelling.


Linked topographies remain the only viable method to preserve the breaklines (such as kerbs, retaining walls) in surfaces provided by other software's. However these cannot be split so we need to use sub-divisions to apply surface finishes to them. 


When cutting in cross section and performing coordination with other disciplines the current capabilities of sub-divisions (a single height *above* the surface and one material) are not fit for purpose.


We should instead be able to select from the same set of layered buildups (including variable layers) which toposolids themselves make use of.


The ability to offset from the original toposolid should remain - but with the additional ability to enter negative values.


This is an essential improvement to Revit's site modelling tools. Without it our ability to collaborate effectively with Civil consultants is greatly reduced.

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I support this idea as it would definitely be a real time saver when modelling landscapes!


@kimberly.fuhrman ... It looks as though several similar Revit ideas to this (without the additional inclusion of layered materials) have been accepted while this one has been overlooked? I understand there are probably good reasons for this but could you provide some commentary on why? Thanks. 


Hi @PowellDesign, thanks for your idea! We are working on the ability to excavate a toposolid, here is the feature card on our roadmap, but this does not include the ability to enter negative values for a subdivision at this time.  

What functionality are you looking for in relation to layered build-ups? 


Hi @lauren_poonRM962 ... The functionality we are looking for is already outlined pretty clearly in the idea above.


We need to be able to apply different buildups to subdivisions of linked toposolids (rather than just single layers above the datum).


Out of interest will the ability to excavate a toposolid function with linked toposolids?




Just to emphasize - a big part of this idea is to create a functional workflow for people working with Linked Toposolids ... So that we can make use of TIN surfaces provided by Surveyors / Civil engineers. Linked toposolids in R24 currently perform far worse than the linked topographies from R23 and earlier:

R23 ToposurfaceR23 ToposurfaceR24 ToposolidR24 Toposolid
















R23 Linked Topography vs R24 Linked Toposolid


The current result for R24 is unacceptable. Until this has been fixed those of us working with C3D surfaces will not be able to work past R23.

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