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Allow to recursively close worksets from nested links

Allow to recursively close worksets from nested links

You have a linked file that contains nested links. You would like to control your visibility from this linked file and attach it to the host using "By link View". However, when you have tried to closed some of the worksets from "Manage Worksets" from the link file, you can see the worksets closed from the host.


Worksets are not read in nested link(s) in the same manner they are for top-level link(s).  


Above is quoted verbatim from


I would like to be able to, optionally, specify that when I close a workset for a link that all qorksets with the same name that appear in nested links should also be closed. This would very very useful to globally control visibility of shared levels and grids and other elements that are placed on their own worksets.


Workarounds listed in the above cited page are unacceptable. Why do we have so many workarounds? Please fix some of these issues. I'm not in the habit of complaining too much or comparing Revit to other products, but every time Archicad releases a new version I weep quietly on the inside. We are getting left soooo far behind in terms of what is possible and implemented by other BIM solutions, and Archicad in particular. Please, please, please take a look at some of the workflow that others are implementing and take current requests for features and fixes more seriously. I'm sure you're plenty serious but somehow that does not translate well into reality. Please. You're awesome. You can do it!


I'm working in an MEP model that is 3 links away from the units in the building.  These nested units take a lot of space and make the MEP model untenably slow.  Our work around is to just move unit rvt's in and out of a folder to control whether or not they get loaded; not elegant.


Wanted to turn off the some of the nested linked units - fooled around in a sandbox model for a couple of days - couldn't get the nested units to NOT load into the MEP with worksets - tried identical naming and just couldn't get it to work right.
To the comment below about container models - we also use container models to homogenize views for use in other models - helps eliminate some clicking and controls visibility on a macro level (floor plans only).  What I've found out since I've written the comment above is that it is Impossible to control nested links with worksets once they more than 1 link away from your model. So the idea of using worksets to control nested links (not links) just doesn't work.. If someone can tell me I'm wrong and can speak from experience - I'd be happy to hear that.

You can control what gets loaded in a view with worksets - it won't improve opening or synchronizing - but it will improve how the project performs on your local machine.  I believe if you turn off levels that aren't in your view it stops Revit from loading those levels (links and nested links) into the view speeding up overall performance. This would be most noticeable, and impactful on large projects that are really dragging.


We are experimenting with container models with attached linked models so trade partners need only load the container model to see all design models. It would be great if the worksets that I have turned off in the container model would stay off when the container model is loaded to another model. This gives me greater control over what others see. The work around is terrible as I'd have to ask other modelers to copy in a bunch of worksets to simply turn them off. If I have a container model set up how I want others to see it, it should load to other models exactly as I have it set up.

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