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Allow the same Revision Number for multiple numbering sequences

Allow the same Revision Number for multiple numbering sequences

Revit 2022 introduces the ability to create additional numbering sequences.  This is great, and something we have needed for a long time.  Unfortunately, it does not enable me to have multiple numbering sequences with the same number.  We often use a single project for multiple small packages, or have early release packages.  Each package has its own sequence of revisions, and each sequence needs to start with a revision number of "1".  However, doing so creates an error that cannot be ignored.


The revision sequence number is always unique, so it should not matter if I choose to have the same revision number on multiple sequences.  I can fake the desired result with a whitespace suffix character, but that is not desirable, nor is it efficient over multiple packages or when coordinating with consultants.  I don't mind a warning, but it should be treated like any other duplicate mark warning, where it can be acknowledged and ignored.


Revision num.PNG


Hi, @jkidder ,


Here is a similar you think we should combine yours with this one?

Allow duplicate Revision Numbers - Autodesk Community


Thank you for your submission!



@kimberly.fuhrman It is similar, but mine directly addresses the 2022 updates and what they do allow/ do not allow. The previous idea did discuss revision sets, which is something that 2022 takes care of.  It is only the duplicate numbering that is still not possible.   I think as long as that it is clear that the issue still remains even with the 2022 updates it would be ok to combine them.  


@jkidder  Thank you for the additional clarification! I will leave it as is.



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