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Allow the creation of cornices to ceilings and... skirtings to edges of floors

Allow the creation of cornices to ceilings and... skirtings to edges of floors

Can we have the ability to create cornices to ceilings in the same way as floors have slab edges, and have them "automatically" added to the perimeter of the ceiling when creating it?


The idea

As the ceiling edge typically follows a room's perimeter, it is logical that the cornice will follow the same path.

The cornice profile creation should be dependent on the ceiling type but can be edited/removed the same way as slab edges.


This same idea should also apply when creating a floor; a skirting profile to be automatically added to its perimeter.


Both cornices and skirting need to be aware of openings e.g. they should terminate to either side of the opening.


What this will achieve

This will avoid the messy idea of having to rely on walls for cornice and skirting creation which has the following drawbacks;

  • walls are not typically created for an individual room, whereas rooms have individual purposes and therefore individual finishes e.g. the room on one side of the wall is a living space and the adjacent room is a bathroom etc. 
  • to overcome the above wall limitation, you would need to create something like 4 different internal wall types in a typical residence. You would then also require a further 2-4 different wall types for external walls as well as external walls don't have cornices or skirtings on the outside of a building.

    This is what currently makes walls an impractical choice for hosting cornices and skirtings.




This needs way more votes. Automatic cornices and skirtings would be such a time-saver.

And please Autodesk make these schedulable. Not like the embedded sweeps in walls (which are pretty useless).

Community Visitor
Community Visitor

this would be such a valuable addition and feels like it should be easy to do - anyone come across a solution to this - room based sweep would be awesome - and a big time saver.


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