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Allow Tags on Topography (and all object types)

Allow Tags on Topography (and all object types)

Topography cannot currently be tagged with regular or material tags.  This means you cannot call out sod, asphalt, gravel, or any material on the site topography.


1: Why are there objects in Revit that cannot be tagged?

2: Why are there objects in Revit that cannot have material tags?


For example: Split surfaces on topography to define new or existing materials, such as paving, soils, grassed areas, painted parking lines, etc.  These should all be able to be tagged by material at the least to avoid having to manually call out every item with 'dumb' text notes and tags.


It seems like a very strange oversight that there are any objects in Revit can't be tagged, and with Topography that at the very least it can't be tagged by material.


Topography Tags should also include parameters for cut and fill, and of course both projected and surface areas.


On behalf of customer:

Once the category is made taggable, then it should work for both regular tags and multi-category tags. It would be nice to have a possibility  of adding Tags to the Toposurface/topography. It should contains at least the data from Topography properties like Comments, Name, Mark.


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