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Allow system connectors in groups & assemblies

Allow system connectors in groups & assemblies

We need to create MEP groups and assemblies (e.g. pump skids or packaged boilers), and then connect pipes, ducts, and circuits to them.

Annoyingly, when you group elements with connectors, or pipes or ducts, the ability to connect no longer exists, so the group has to be exploded or (what really happens) not connected, so no data can pass between the system and the assembly, and if the assembly moves, it is independent of the associated pipes etc.

So, please allow the connectors to work properly in groups and assemblies. Thank you 🙂

The situation is really unbelievable! The hundreds to thousands of connections in apartments, condos, hotels, etc., are simply ignored by the Revit development team or their bosses.


Often  when copying unconnected MEP-Groups to diffenrent Levels, the Pipe-connections inside the Groups gets Connection Problems and half of the pipes are deleted automaticly, this also happens when binding a linked MEP Model-Group. I even experience Calculation problems when calculating flows inside an MEP-Group (Model-Group).  A Grouping-function which allows system Connections dispite different element-reference-Levels is needed.  


It's very annoying that a union is created when connecting from outside the group, and that I will have to edit the group to be able to connect without the union.

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