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Allow Steel Modifiers to be Moved using Move and Align Commands

Allow Steel Modifiers to be Moved using Move and Align Commands

Currently steel modifiers like "Notched Skewed" can only be moved relative to a steel member by using a dialog and imputing numbers  to specify rotations/translations etc. until you get the modification element to the correct location. 




This is an inaccurate trial and error process.


In this example two shortening modifiers are needed to cut the beam as required for a needed bearing location and welded connection. 



Currently, when selecting the cut steel ends and aligning them with their intended locations it moves the entire structural member.








When selecting the modifying element itself, even entering the move dialog with the shortcut "MV", does not allow the component to be moved without using the number dialog. This reduces productivity and accuracy. 




Please add functionality to allow faster adjustments by making steel modifiers controllable via. align and move commands without moving the main steel member. Thank you.

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