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Allow Shared Parameter Heading to be Visible in parentheses in Properties

Allow Shared Parameter Heading to be Visible in parentheses in Properties

After reading the title and I know this is a long one but Please hear me out.... 


Shared parameter files are a nightmare! In most cases the parameters have to be named so that when trying to find or use it, the name makes sense to the user. This cascades into hundreds if not a thousand parameters to use and manage. Yes there are tools that help but this is really for the benefit of the end user and not the BIM Manager.


My idea would be to simplify the Shared Parameters. I found one or two ideas that were similar but not quite the same. Hence the separate thread. Those ideas mainly referenced the interface.


In order to simply the number of parameters, the naming of each one has to go. I propose that Autodesk standardize the parameters with Discipline and Type of Parameter. Use the setting of each to determine the Name. I know what you are thinking... "but what if I have multiple flow parameters and how do I tell the difference between three different Piping.Flow parameters"? They would get created and numbered sequentially and Revit would manage that.


 Parameter Name to be derived from Discipline and Type of Parameter.Parameter Name to be derived from Discipline and Type of Parameter.


Next, I would like that Autodesk make the Shared Parameter heading in a Schedule be visible in the properties. This would accomplish two things..allow for simple naming of the Shared Parameters mentioned above and it will show info in the properties that the designer cares about without having to compare it to the schedule. At a minimum please incorporate this.


Display Schedule Header next to Shared Parameter NameDisplay Schedule Header next to Shared Parameter Name


Piping.Flow could be used in both HVAC and Plumbing. The header would apply only to the category of the schedule. Also, once items are filtered from the schedule then the header description in ( ) would not appear in the properties.



This idea is based on the most common workflow of using third party software to push shared parameters into families to allow for scheduling with a companies' template schedule.


If you try to use a manufacturer's family with simplified shared parameter naming as mentioned above. Autodesk can allow for Shared Parameter mapping. If there are Piping.Pressure, Piping.Pressure1, Piping.Pressure2 parameters in a downloaded family, then when loading you are prompted to map the shared parameter to the one that matches your intended Schedule Header (Piping.Pressure2 (INLET PRESSURE) / Piping.Pressure1 (OUTLET PRESSURE) / ECT) as they may not be in the same order. Mapping would possibly much quicker than re-input of the data into your own parameters.

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