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Allow new topography sub-divisions to recess into topography

Allow new topography sub-divisions to recess into topography

The new topography system looks like it is probably 10 steps forward and 2 steps backward. Overall, it looks like it improves on a lot of issues and is a better foundation for improvements moving forward, but it does have some problems.


One issue is that the new sub-divisions cannot recess into the topography. They can expand upward, which is wonderful, but we also need them to go down so we can better model things like roads and parking lots. We are still going to have to rely on splitting the topography to do this, which can cause tons of headaches, as we know from the previous system.


Having the ability to set subdivision height as negative is critically needed for making roads and paths. Being able to excavate with floors and roofs doesn't provide the same functionality.


@kimberly.fuhrman see the following is on the roadmap: :mountain:️ Excavate a toposolid with a floor, roof, or another toposolid :light_bulb: - Architectur...


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