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Allow New Project while template is being edited

Allow New Project while template is being edited

If someone is editing the Revit Template, anyone else who tries to create a new project from that template gets an error message that the template "is not currently available."

Please remove this restriction.

If the template is being edited, just create the new project from the last saved version.

The new project really only needs a read-only copy, so it shouldn't matter if its opened by someone else or not.

I makes it difficult to maintain the Template without impacting others in the office.


A good way of preventing this is to have another file that you use as the "in progress" template file that is just a regular project file. It can even be workshared so more than 1 person can edit it at a time. Then, when you're ready to turn it into the template, either "save as" (if it's a standalone file) or open detached and disable worksets, then "save as" a template file. I consult with a company that does it this way and it's great to have a "working" version of the template that can then be saved over the template when you're ready.


But why is there a NEED to do this?

I don't want to have to keep track of two files and make sure people have access to the current version


My reasoning behind this that often if I'm updating the template, I don't want to be "live" until I'm ready to make it live, so if i'm making edits in a separate file, then I choose when those get pushed to the "live" template file. If you're always working directly in the template file, you don't have that control and things may get published that aren't ready yet (half-baked, or you had to leave and couldn't finish, etc.)


The suggestion to have separate working/current templates is good and how I separate out most of my support work in Revit, however I am going to upvote this too because it shouldn't be hard to add options to a popup warning message.  If Autodesk is worried about people not getting the latest template for their projects, that's fine, but if anything, a more descriptive window with options would increase communication amongst the users.  Like "hey, coworker, what are you updating in the template and should I wait for it to be completed?" instead of having to send out a teamwide or firmwide email to see who is messing with the file.

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