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Allow material transparency in elevations

Allow material transparency in elevations

Please allow material transparency in elevations - 

For example - a glass railing will be transparent in a 3D view, but not in elevation view.

Giving the railing transparency in VG will make the whole thing transparent - including balusters...


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I would love to see this feature added. In a position where we cut sections on every job often times with glass objects present, the fact that the glass isn't transparent is horribly frustrating when the view is meant to convey an accurate representation.


Is this getting any love? Glass is transparent darn it, I want to see through it. Right now I have to set up all kinds of wonky filters just to get some glass transparent.


I really hope that more folks vote on this. It seems like it would be fairly easy to implement.


I actually think in projection views, during documentation, making those items see through can muddy up the clarity of the view.  There are a few ways that can be dealt with, and I do see value in having this ability for drawings used to express the design, maybe with color on, so I voted it up for that purpose.  On implementation, I think it should be a view setting.  Like a check box in the view properties like "Show Transparent Materials" or something rather than making it a global change by default.


I agree with Josh Moore; this should be a view setting.


Yes, I think Josh Moore is right, would be a great way to implement it.


I third @josh_moore on this one. Would be great to have it be a view setting.


I vote for this feature as well.


Definitely agree with @josh_moore. Please add this feature to the next revit release.


Rather silly material transparency isn't an option in plan/sections already.  Please implement!  


This feels stupid it hasn't been implemented, considering it is a small change and this post is from 2017 ! WHAT THE F*** AUTODESK - at least you guys got a new logo - nice, congrats!


and why the hell my curtain wall panels are transparent but my windows cannot be?




Voted. Waiting. 


This would be useful not just for glass materials, but also for equipment clearance zones. The clearance zones are typically box extrusions that wrap around the entire equipment footprint, but they obstruct the equipment in plans/sections/elevations. The only work around I have found is to redraw the 3D extrusion using annotation lines in every 2D view, using alignment locks to snap the annotations to the extrusion, then unchecking the extrusion's visibility in Plan/RCP, Front/Back, and Left/Right. This is very time consuming to set up across 20 different equipment families, and it is liable to cause confusion for future users who edit the families.


I voted on this idea after having to make workarrounds with filters to achieve the transparancy results we needed 
in some projects.  

I also agree with @josh_moore on the implementation part ! 
(It being released as a view setting )


Looking forward to see if this idea picks up more votes.  


As "Graphics" is the production work visibility in a material - the most logical way to apply it would be through the transparency in the material "Graphics" which is (can be) independent of the render "Appearance"  material. View templates can force-override transparency as well but that is too much of a global option- especially when working with generic subcategories. Filters stack up quick! This would maximize flexibility based on applied materials. @PerryLackowski  - exactly(See below)

I find it very odd that Masses accept the transparency in this way but not any other object!


2024-01-16(Revit) t103600 Autodesk_Revit_2022.1_-_[Clearance-Visibility-Plan.png


2024-01-15(Revu) t161639 test-Clearance-Visibility-Plan-3D_-_Bluebeam_Revu_.png


All- I didn't see this before when I posted this idea:



Seems like a basic function - allowing transparent glass to be viewed as such.

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