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Allow groups of circuits to be moved between Panel Schedules

Allow groups of circuits to be moved between Panel Schedules

I would like to be able to highlight a few circuits in a Panel Schedule then move them en masse to a different panel. This would be by enforcing them to move as they are arranged in the current Panel or to use any available spare ways in the Panel they are moved to, disregarding their position in the first.


I would like to be able to move several circuits in a schedule by highlighting them, without having to Group them first. I only use Groups as I am forced to do so, it seems like an unnecessary step.


I would like to be able to move circuits in a Panel Schedule by Nudging them with the arrow key.


This would bring Revit's functionality closer to the way that electrical cable design software works; moving circuits one at a time is unnecessarily laborious.


Sometimes I just need to move a bunch of circuits down in order to insert a circuit in a particular location. To do this currently, you have to select all the circuits, group, select one circuit, move down, then ungroup. 


Why can't we just select all circuits and click the Move button without having to go through the group/ungroup process?


I agree with this.

If you wouldn't mind voting for my Idea that is very similar I would appreciate it.


Absolute must have idea!

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