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Allow for Parts Assemblies to have the Option to be Exact Copies

Allow for Parts Assemblies to have the Option to be Exact Copies

I was working on a wall panel project and noticed that parts and assemblies were a great tool to layout my project so that I could auto populate schedules, elevations and plans. I find the Assemblies function in Revit extremely useful especial for creating such items as wall panels where intricate items like studs, tracks and bridging can be assembled and essentially isolated for easy use.


Although when I need to copy these assemblies Revit does not provide me the option to create an exact duplicate of this wall panel where if I make one change to that particular wall panel (which is used multiple times in my building) and make those changes throughout my building.


I would be nice if an option to create a native duplicate of an assembly so that way I don't have to go through each panel (that is exactly the same) and make the same change. Seems like tedious work that can be easily eliminated by providing this functionality.




You can achieve this by using groups (for duplicates) together with assemblies for layouts and schedules. Create an assembly and the views for it, then tab-select each item in the assembly and group them, you can then place the group multiple times in the project.

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Thanks Michael,


I gave this a try and it worked pretty good. The only issue I ran into afterwards was if I needed to edit the assembly after I grouped it.


If I added elements to the Group/Assembly they wouldn't show up in the assembly views. Also if went into the assembly within the project browser selected the default 3D Ortho view and wanted to move elements around it wouldn't let me. 


I feel like this could be easily avoided if Revit just provided a simple option when copying an assembly to say "Make Duplicate" or "Duplicate Assembly as Dependent". I feel like this would also make things easier when creating Assembly schedules as well as the multiple types could now be counted. 

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