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Allow filters to be contingent on view settings

Allow filters to be contingent on view settings

View templates are powerful, but there are many instances where we have to decide between taking a view off a template (therefore loosing any changes to that template in future) or having the view look as desired.  I would prefer to keep views on their template, while either adding additional filters specific to the view and/or having filters that only activate when certain conditions (not related to the filtered category) are true.  Being able to have contingent filters would be especially helpful for projects that have different scopes of work or multiple areas, since they could be part of the template and consistent across several views.  For example in one model I have two scopes of work, which are in the same phase, but need to be issued in separate packages.  I'd like to override the elements not in the scope of work in each package so they appear as existing.  I can do this with a custom parameter and a filter, but only if I take the views off the template.  A view contingent filter would allow filters as follows in the template:


If view parameter <core or project parameter> <comparator> <condition> then get all <categories> <comparator> <condition>


If view project parameter "Set" = "A" then select all walls, doors and casework whose "Set" parameter = "A"



If you untick the filters from the view template you can then set the filter for each view.


@Lachlan-JWP I know, but that defeats the purpose of the view template, which I still want to control the 25-50+ filters for any given view.  I want to be able to either create additional filters on the view instance, or define logic based on the view parameters as to when certain filters are applied.    If I take the filters out of the view template than any change that needs to be applied to all the views on the template will have to be done manually, which is both time consuming and error prone.


@jkidderI think @scottw7L279 has a somewhat similar idea for such a problem.

With his idea, in your case you provided as an example, basically you could set the overrides of each of the 25-50 filters you want to be the same to be set on a "linked/master"-setting (every filter has it's own master-setting for each override which you can tell each instance of that same filter in different views to follow that master-setting or set an individual one) for that view template, then untick filters from that view template after applying it to all views it needed and add other filters that you dont want to be the same of all the views.

Not quite the same idea, just wanted to share as it could kinda solve your problemas well.

Tho actually i think your idea may be a bit more useful especially if you could add the same filter twice, one for each filter category of view-template-locked and view-template-independent at the same time. Filters in the v-t-independet category would override the settings of filters from the v-t-locked category in the case of overlaps.

However both ideas to be added would allow the most accessability and customization options.


As more and more data gets added to the models we need better ways to sift/filter/communicate said data. Having to choose between filters at a view level versus filters at the view template level does not meet the needs of the ever-changing industry. From a construction standpoint, I need to be able to control many views with the same filters but many of those views I need to apply filters for the individual views themselves. This leads to many challenges of managing hundreds of views and dozens of view templates. Dynamo helps here and there to speed up what I have to do manually to add/remove filters but all of the overrides within the view/view templates need to be done manually. So one change can take a half hour to an hour to update all views. The following Ideas are all reaching for something similar.

Let's join forces and get these voted on. Some form of these three is better than what we have currently.

Filter Graphic Overrides (scottw7L279)

Allow filters to be contingent on view settings @jkidder

View Template Filters & Individual View Filters to be utilized at the same time (tim.barber)

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