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Allow Annotation Crop to be within view crop

Allow Annotation Crop to be within view crop

Allow crop regions to crop within the bounds or frame of the view crop/scope box. 


Ex. A large floor plan is split into several dependent views and due to the nature of the building we would like to have grey areas that are set beyond the match lines of each view crop. Now after the view has been fully annotated, the grey transparent mask on each dependent view does not mask out annoations. This requires an intensive manual effort to select and 'hide in view' annotations that are supposed to be highlighted in thier adjacent dependent views.


The below image represents an example of the problem. The image shows what we would want to have allowed in order to solve our issue.






I see this being handled in a few ways:

  • Allow masking regions to mask out select categories of elements in this case tags/text annotations.
  • Have the annotion crop be driven by the matchline or at least allow us to snap the annotation crop to the matchline.

*Would be wonderful if dependent views had built in the ability hide automatically the elements beyond a match line and provide a grey out overlap feature. But that is asking to much.





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