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Allow all things to schedule what room they are in

Allow all things to schedule what room they are in

When creating schedules, most thing are unable to schedule what room they are located in.


For instance, a ceiling schedule can't tell you what room the ceilings are located in.


Without this ability a ceiling schedule is fairly useless.


Revit should be able to tell you what room anything is located within (or state 'Multiple' if its in multiple rooms).




Just a query regarding this: If I was designing a block of flats/apartments and 2 flats/apartments are exactly the same layout but on different levels how would you differentiate between these levels 

Maybe something like L2-Apt201-Bed 2 ceiling = 3m.sq and L3-Apt301-Bed 2 ceiling - 3m.sq...

Format for however this is accomplished will need to be customizable as each project/comany/contractor will have there own requirements to determine this. But will further BIMify geometry.

Voted for anyhow as think its a good idea

Excelente ideia! obrigado pelo envio @Kevin.Bell 


@Kevin.Bell probably a bit long winded , but will do the job required if you create and assign project parameters to break down elements as required.

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