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Adjust Label's Text Wrapping

Adjust Label's Text Wrapping

You should be able to adjust the way each label's text wraps (room tags specifically) without having to go in the family editor and ruining all your other tags. It should be by instance.


If I need a label to be in multiple lines, I just use ctrl+enter when typing in the needed info in the parameter field. That should at least give you a workaround until another solution is provided.


For example, if I wanted "surface units" to display in two lines, I would type "surface (then press ctrl+enter) units"


This idea is already under review (


@EmptySaturnV I would recommend using spaces instead. I read about that Ctrl-Enter tip somewhere (for View Titles), but after trying it out I noticed that it does some weird things to the pull-down in Properties (see - skip the first 3 minutes), and of course you don't see the 2nd line in schedules.


I just want to make sure it is clear that we are asking for the ability to adjust the width (and hence wrapping) of text within a LABEL within a FAMILY.  This is separate from plain text requests and improvements.  Once a family with a label is loaded into a project, the width and wrapping should be adjustable on an INSTANCE basis.  We currently do this by making different types within the family using visibility parameters for multiple instances of the same label at different widths that we name "Long text" vs "Multi-line text".  This doubles the number of types we need in our families.  This ONE improvement would help improve room tags, view titles, multi-category tags, keynotes, etc.  The list goes on and on.  Thank you!


I like this idea.


Alternatively the label could have a bounding box that you could lock to a set of reference planes/dimensions controlled by instance parameters. Should also be a centre line of the label in both directions to control alignment of the label.


It's always a bit confusing where the leader decides to spring out from.

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I agree. The current method is very cumbersome. 

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I agree. Adding these features would be a great improvement.


To add to the previous several years worth of requests - please fix this cumbersome label process.


Yes, please fix this very simple room label issue without using spaces (see below 3 pics):







@GWangGYNDL  One way is to create multiple family types in the room tag. We have one "normal" tag, and one "skinny" tag for such scenarios. It works very well--but it would still be nice to have this feature.


Thanks Craig.


I would appreciate an instance parameter for labels within an annotation family to make width dynamic in the project environment.  If you would enable such a parameter, you'd then see grips on the edge of a label in the project environment.  Otherwise the label has no grips and reflows per the width of the label in the family (current behavior).


I would like to resize some labels in the project environment, but not all.  For example, I would like to resize the room name in a room tag, but not the room number.  Also our door tags don't need to have resizable labels.

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