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Additional TOP/BOTTOM Visibility Parameters for Area Reinforcement

Additional TOP/BOTTOM Visibility Parameters for Area Reinforcement

Revit is designed to work with 4 area reinforcement layers:

- top major

- top minor

- bottom major

- bottom minor


Area Reinforcement Symbol Family has built-in visibility parameters "Bars In Minor Direction" and "Bars In Major Direction", which allows to control label visibility depending on bar's major/minor orientation. But there is no way yet to separate visibility between TOP/BOTTOM orientation.


It would be very useful and (flexible for adjustments combined labels) to have 4 separate visibility parameters to derive all 4 layers' states directly from Area Reinforcement system parameters:


"Bars In Top Major Direction" (Yes/No)

"Bars In Top Minor Direction" (Yes/No)

"Bars In Bottom Major Direction" (Yes/No)

"Bars In Bottom Minor Direction" (Yes/No)


Please see the attached image.

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In addition

i like somekind of automation of the symbols that are corresponding the place of the rebar in the concrete floor from top or bottom or the wall front or back.

major minor 2.jpgmajor minor 1.jpg

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