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Additional Revision History Schedule Control

Additional Revision History Schedule Control

Provide a means to adjust the row height of Revision History Schedules. This, along with my idea posted here are the two reasons we as a firm are unable to use revisions in our projects. This can be done by providing an additional parameter in the Appearance Tab of the revision schedule controls, that could have a minimum value based on text height, or an ability to override and allow text to control row height.


Alternatively, adding an extra parameter or two to text could work by allowing the control of spacing above and below the line, similar to word processors, but this may create other issues with text elsewhere and would likely be more annoying to deal with outside of the relatively lesser used (in terms of text) revision schedule.


While I would like the other idea to be addressed, there are workarounds (as much as I think it's a flawed approach to expect us to use workarounds instead of rebuilding a more user friendly system) that we can use for that, but the inability to alter row height completely prevents us from using the schedule as it does not conform to client standards and our clients have, thus far, been unwilling to adjust their requirements.


We cannot be alone in being required to conform to client titleblocks and titleblock spacing. While our clients have been willing to make some concessions to things such as font due to the newer use of Revit over Microstation or AutoCAD, they remain steadfast in the spacing of lines and text on their sheets. As such, we are unable to use revision history schedules because their vertical line spacing has never once aligned with the titleblocks we've used. Since the vertical spacing is solely dictated by font size, we would have to break one of two requirements, of which most of our clients aren't willing to do without either:
1) Change font size from 3/32" to a size that forces the correct vertical spacing

2) Change the overall Revision History height or row count


Simply allowing for a parameter on a schedule that dictates the default height of a schedule, which can then be overridden in a normal schedule but would remain steadfast (as it currently does) in a revision schedule. Then we and others in a similar situation could use them with or without gridlines and conform them more easily to client standards.

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I should further explain, the most typical instance of this issue occurring is when the text height has to be 3/32", while the row height may need to be 1/4" on one project and 5/16" on another, per the respective client's standards.

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