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Adding Tags To Schedules

Adding Tags To Schedules

As an architect doing documentation the way which we communicate data is needs to be as clear as possible. One common way to do this is leveraging the same graphics in multiple locations – ie: the hatch on the detail is the same as the hatch on the section and legend views. Revit currently has a limitation for this in that schedules only have the capacity to add images and text in them, so tags do not show. This shortcoming makes reading sets more difficult as the symbols which may differ for say glazing vs masonry vs paint do not translate between the schedule and the drawings. This leads to costly delays and occasional reworks, or design teams having to manually overlay graphs atop the schedules once placed on a sheet (which is equally problematic as these cannot be parametrically constrained). Allowing the use of Tags in a Mark view would solve this, preventing issues upstream and allowing higher degrees of flexibility in the documentation phase, saving architects, engineers, designers, contractors, and owners many headaches over the life of each project.

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Nice Work! This is a great idea Alex!



I am an architect too. ¿Do you have a video? I have an idea of how to solve it. Please send me a vide to better understanding. 

Thank You 


Would love this! 


I've tried addressing this by adding PNGs as images in families, and then including  the images in the schedule.  While that "works" it had a lot of issues - enough to make it essentially unusable.  

- The biggest issue was that occasionally, for a family with multiple types, the image parameter would occasionally reset itself so that all the types used the same image.  

- using raster images was not ideal - they were screenshots, and if I needed to add a type, I would have to try to zoom to the same area as the earlier images.  More often than not, I would end up with one image in a schedule that was noticeably larger or smaller than all the others.

- also a function of using raster images, the print quality at the end of the day was a function of how much you scaled the image, and often not so great.

I would love it if we could associate a legend component, a tag, or a detail component - all vector based information, as the image for a family; provided, of course, that they are more stable than what we experienced with images.




This needs to be expanded to allow View field as schedule-able elements' parameters.


Think if you could associate a legend view or a drafting view to a door type... Then you could schedule the door types by showing the detail views...


That is how window and graphic door schedule are done: we show one door's architectural type (that is, a revit family) elevation, then we dimension H and W as "Per schedule", while we may dimension other elements which are fixed for the type (family).


Revit Types are different, of course, since we create one for each size we have.


It is correct that the only way to achieve this is by using the Image parameter, and use rasterized views as images, but it is much more effective than complained above:


- you need to create a view for each family (a legend maybe) and make it the same scale, and size by drawing a box.

- if you are using actual elevations of doors (in a phase "legend" maybe), you just need to setup the same crops for all the views.

- when you export the views to images, they will be all the same size / scale.

- to display the image by family, you must assign the same image to all the types of that family (that is, we need a FAMILY IMAGE parameter). If you miss a type, or if a type has a different image than the others, the image field will be blank in the schedule.

- also the images will print just fine as long as you use some decent resolution when exporting the views.


Once all this is setup properly, you can get a graphic door schedule that flexes with the families existing in the project... of course, it will be a top - down list, since schedules cannot go horizontal, like normally graphic door schedules are designed, but, better than nothing.... here is an example:




Would you be able to provide an image of your idea.
It might gain a few more votes if it's visually easier to understand, for me anyway.

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