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Add view preview thumbnails to project browser

Add view preview thumbnails to project browser

When working on a project with many views, especially 3D views, it can take a while to locate the one view we want to work on or see in detail. Naming conventions go a long way to alleviate this issue but are not enough.


I propose that Revit could generate thumbnail previews for each view and show these as a tooltip when hovering the mouse pointer over view items in the Project Browser (see attached mock up).


This feature would be fairly straight forward to implement. Revit needs to take a snapshot of the current view when the view is being closed or dismissed in some other way, such as switching to a different view. That snapshot then becomes the thumbnail preview for that view. The thumbnails don't need to be large but a range of sizes should be offered as a customisation option (small, medium, large). These could be displayed on mouse-over as a tooltip or in line next to the view item in the Project Browser (similarly to how image editing apps show thumbnails of layers).

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Would be nice if there was a project setting to enable/disable this if it is accepted. One a large project of 10,000 + I would be concerned about impact to speed.

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I imagine that thumbnail generation would be done as a background task in a
separate thread. Revit really needs to startaking better use of modern


It would be nice to be able to preview a view when you scroll over it,  much like the windows task bar.  

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I was open the same idea in this very moment! Open a sheet takes too much time. 



i talk about new suggestion to add new features to REVIT

it is related to project browser if i have more than 200 views and 100 section with just numbers name as you see in attached pictures it is difficult to browse all this views and section by double click on each view to open it to show if it is what i want or no !!!! 

someone will say you have search option to find your views but that is only work if i know the name of view so i propose to add pop-up window small window like the window in windows to show the content  of file without open it

that  will help to navigate project browser i attached imaginary picture in third picture for what i want   viwesviwessectionssectionsmy proposalmy proposal

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Great idea Abdullah !


this idea like tooltips assistance in Revit .

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Excellent idea!!


I like this idea, that could also works for tabs, view references, orient to view, reference other views, swap views, etc.


But views take a moment to load, so the previous should be displayed if the user hover over the mouse for a couple of seconds, like the tooltip videos.

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Great. I like this idea. It will be valuable addition 

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I think its a great idea

need to added for revit 

it will be very useful and save time

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Great idea


Interesting idea, and sort of 'language agnostic', which can be helpful.  Preview images need to be small, medium, large, and extra large, like Windows File Explorer.


Of course, naming the Views will help you organize, and using the options under  View > User Interface > Browser Organization will allow you to sort views in the Project Browser in many different ways.  You can also create Parameters that you assign to Views, to help your sorting.


great idea ! 


This is actually a great idea, never thought of it this way.




This would be awesome.


Yes, something has to be done for projectbrowser. You may consider voting for my idea:


@kimberly.fuhrman could you merge posts and votes? 


A wildcard filtering would help a lot!


Love the idea of a preview, with small, medium and large options as previously mentioned or even in its own view/window as we currently have with views, so you could place the view on another screen and resize it, as needed?

I think this should apply to both browser views and tabbed views as per previously mentioned.

The preview would have to be fairly spontaneous otherwise it defeats the purpose, right?


And while at it, why not use the thumbnail images to allow a quick sheet layout in some sort of preview mode that only bothers to look into the sheets actual content when you go back to hidden line or any other appropriate visual style?

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