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Add Text Justification for spot elevations

Add Text Justification for spot elevations

Text justification in spot elevation would reduce a great amount of manual correction in every single project.


We need the ability to fix/set the justification of the text defined in the spot elevation. Now, as soon as you add prefix/suffix to an instance, the carefully chosen offset of text from marker is lost, as the justification is hardcoded to "centered", so you manually have to drag each text/height to an appropriate distance. And then you change the scale of the view and start anew.


Screenshot 2023-04-11 094129.png


Your picture shows quite good, what my problem is - the height-justification is always centered at the defined distance. Here in Austria, we very often have to add additional text to the spot elevation, so even if I very carefully adjust the text distance in the type properties, as soon as I add text, I have to readjust the positioning manually. Easys fix, if I could set the justification in the Type Properties. The attached Image makes it somewhat clearer I hope..

RVT_SCRSHT-Koten Schnitt Ausrichtung.jpg

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