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Add Subcategories in the Project Browser

Add Subcategories in the Project Browser

Project Browser organisation is very cryptic and very slow to use. We should be able to create subcategories (as project parameters) by simply right-clicking on the categories (Views, Sheets, Schedules, Legends, etc), then just 'drag-n-drop' items in those subcategories. This will look very intuitive, just like Windows drag-n-drop files in folders.

Also, the item names should contain parameters or codes like 'Associated Level', 'Discipline', 'Phase', etc.

We can do it by using Dynamo, but that is time-consuming and not easy to use by the average user.

After organizing the project browser in such easy manner, we should just right-click on a category name and choose a 'Save Project Organization' option. 

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I agree that the current project browser is very cumbersome and unintuitive to use.


As far as organizing, you can achieve what you might be looking for by right clicking on Views, Schedules/Quantities, or Sheets and selecting "Browser Organization". From there you can create grouping and sorting rules to add subcategories to your project browser. You can create custom project parameters to name them what you'd like.


Drag and drop would be very nice, for now we have to assign manually in the property panel.

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