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Add slopes with Building Pad.

Add slopes with Building Pad.

It would be nice to set the sketch line angle of the "Building Pad" tool. To form the slopes of the excavation.

1. Toposurface with normal Building Pad:


2. Sketch of Building Pad with definition of slopes:


3. The resulting Toposurface with slopes of excavation:


P.S.: sorry for my english ))


Nice idea but I think we need to push for more. We should push for arbitrary manipulation of the topo surface through cutting it with voids.


Also, as I mentioned elsewhere, I think that it would be better to get rid of pads all together and just use the floor element. Floors are already a lot more powerful modelling elements than pads. All they need to do is cut topo surfaces and we're golden. It would simplify the modelling process a lot, no more cutting topo with pads then overlaying the pad with a floor and hiding the pad. 


Great ideas! But Autodesk very very slowly introduces ideas. At least they did something ...


@tomek  I agree that we should be able to interact with topo using voids. Perhaps one way this could work:


- create a topo with existing topo tool (phase set to 'existing')

- create an inplace model using void and solid extrusions, blends, ... (phase set to 'new')


This would give us maximum design freedom (underground spaces, curved ramps, excavation slopes, infills, ...). Extra benefit: we don't have to learn a new tool because this uses tools that we're already familiar with.


For this to work, they would also have to fix the way how topo interacts with phasing:


We definitely need a better way to edit topography. I would welcome any of the above ideas. Topography in general it is a time consuming endeavor, especially on complex sloped sites. Adding retaining walls along a sloped terrain is near impossible. The ability to designate retaining walls with a the top and bottom profile of topography at the wall would be wonderful. My current workflow to simulate a retaining wall requires me to a manage dozens of topo points closely spaced with drastic drop and it almost always looks like a mess when these points get interpolated to topography lines. Yes, it can be done but it is a time suck.

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