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Add sheet double click option

Add sheet double click option

In the options dialog for double click settings, please add an option to define double click settings for sheets, so that users have the choice of bringing up the rename/renumber window or no action.


I often double click just slow enough to open the dialog instead of opening the sheet view, as intended.  While the function might be handy early in set creation, I find it very annoying and would like to disable the behavior.  We can personalize the functions of other double click behaviors, and this should be included.


From Revit 2019 onward, Revit has an often-annoying feature wherein clicking on a sheet name (or view) in the Project Browser when it is already selected opens a popup to rename it instead of opening the sheet or view. It's very easy to do this by accident, thus opening a popup when you wanted to open a view or sheet. There is a feature in the Revit.ini functionality to disable this by setting Misc -> EnableRenameOnSlowDoubleClickByDefault to 0.


In practice, this toggle feature does not work (which is a bug); that said, it would be better if it was incorporated as a toggle in the regular Double Click Options interface rather than hidden in Revit.ini. In practice this feature has more of an impact on the user experience than it initially seems, and whether to keep it or eliminate it shouldn't have such an obscure toggle.


It is so frustrating sometimes when I double click on a view to open it up. But repeatedly get the Rename popup. It would be nice if the Rename Popup box had a button to Open the View!!!


Single left click for opening a sheet or view and right click for sheet or view options such as renaming, would be my suggestion.


Imagine.... clicking on a sheet or a view and it just opens in one click!



I prefer the double click to open sheets, since often I just want to doublecheck or change sheet settings in the properties pane with a single click, without waiting for the sheet to open.  I prefer changing the name/number in the properties rather than right click rename too.


There is a setting to disable the double click, it's just not exposed.  This fix (editing the .ini file) worked for me: Turning Off 'Double-click Rename' Behavior in Revit's Project Browser 


@jkidder, can you disable double-clicking for views as well in the .ini file?


@Mark_Engwirda  adding that one setting in the .ini disables the double click rename for both views & sheets.


Thanks so much @jkidder, that's a great help!

I still think a single left click to open sheets or views would be a great option, maybe it needs to be a new idea or incorporated with your idea.

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