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Add scenario capability to electrical families and panel schedules.

Add scenario capability to electrical families and panel schedules.

For projects with greater automation than typical, where a Facility Management Control System (FMCS), Building Management System (BMS), or a SCADA system will control loads according to a Sequence of Operations (SOO) depending on a particular set of conditions. In this sense, the system and the electrical load will change between the different SOO scenarios. I am proposing adding in the capability to set different conditions for loads per the SOO (On, off, standby, reduced demand, etc..) and have it reflect on the panel schedule set to the particular SOO scenario.


Example: The same standby power panel and system will have two different demand loads when toggled between normal power and generator power. Under the normal power scenario, all connected loads (HVAC) are operating at their designed capacity and programmed setpoints. Under the generator power scenario, several connected loads will be set to standby mode (redundant systems cooling the same space) or have their programmed power consumption reduced. I would like to have two panel schedules of same panel, but set to normal power and generator power scenarios.


Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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